Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Zhaoshoglu said his country would not close the oil pipeline from Baghdad unless Baghdad requested it.
Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the neighbors of Kurdistan to close the oil pipeline, saying that this will negatively affect the global market.
In an interview with France 24, Oglu said that the referendum in Kurdistan does not give additional rights to the Kurds.
And on his country’s threats to Kurdistan on the closure of the oil spout carrier, “we will shut it if Baghdad requested it.”
The Kurdistan region voted on September 25 by nearly 93 percent for independence in a non-binding referendum.
The organization of the referendum followed the imposition of sanctions by the capital Baghdad, including stopping international flights to airports Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, in addition to the imposition of sanctions on Kurdish banks and stop foreign currency transfers to the region.
Erdogan had said Wednesday that he will take more steps and actions, against the Kurdistan Iraq after the referendum.


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