Saudi Arabia’s Nass Aviation said in a statement it would launch new flights to Iraq in the coming weeks.
“This is a historic moment for us as the first Saudi airline to land on the brotherly land of Iraq after this long interruption,” said Bandar Al-Muhanna, chief executive officer of Flynas Air Group. “We look forward to strengthening brotherly relations between the two countries.”
According to a statement on the company’s website. Flights from Saudi Arabia’s main airports to several Iraqi cities will begin after about a quarter of a century of Saudi commercial flights to Iraqi airports.
Bandar Al Muhanna said sales tickets would be available on the company’s website and smart phone applications within a few days.
“These flights are expected to attract many individuals and businesses, thanks to the appropriate prices and dates for flights, and the network of flights linking major airports to Saudi Arabia’s various domestic destinations.
Kingdom Holding has earlier announced that its 34.08% Nass Airline has completed an agreement with Airbus to purchase aircraft worth SAR 32.25 billion.
Founded in 1999, NAS is the largest shareholder in the group, followed by Kingdom Holding Company (KHC). The Group operates in the field of air services. Four subsidiaries operate under its umbrella: Nass Jets, NAS Tech, “Nas Air” and “Nas Airline”.


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