The Iraqi Ministry of Communications announced on Thursday the launch of a special service for the operation of channels pay the precedent and integrated into the Internet service.
In a statement, the General Manager of the Board of Directors of the General Telecommunications Company Nazem Al-Khashjouri said that the ministry has launched the service of decoding the channels of Osn sports channels, documentaries and films at high accuracy and at nominal prices. Its services have recently been launched in the Talbiya, Energy, Education and Banking districts of Rusafa. ”
“The total price of the subscriber line is only 55,000 dinars, including the 35,000 price of the optical network device (NT),” said Rival Hisham, head of the sales center at IQ. And the ten thousand activation price of the landline telephone line consisting of seven numbers starting with the number 887 and ten thousand dinars wages monument.
“The subscriber is also given a seven-digit telephone number which he fills with a prepaid card. The subscription fees for the Internet range from 30,000 to 120,000 dinars, according to the subscriber’s wishes.”


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