The Ministry of Electricity announced on Monday that the first stage of the solar photovoltaic plant at the ministry’s headquarters with a capacity of one megawatt was started by the joint national team between the Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.
“The solar station was connected to the national grid with a capacity of 150 kilowatts after the arrival of the first batch of German electric-powered electrical reactors,” a ministry statement said.
He added that “this plant is the first pilot project of its kind in Iraq with a large capacity in the production of electric power from solar energy, which in turn will cover 75% of the ministry load of 1.25 / megawatts and after the end of working hours will be exported energy generated to the network National. ”
“The project has been planned and implemented by Iyad Iraqi 100%. The solar panels that were previously used in the street lighting project were used after the rehabilitation and inspection, where these panels were neglected and stored in the stores of the directorates without interest.”
“This project, if implemented in the government sector, will reduce consumption to 30 percent of total electricity consumption during daylight hours,” he said.
It is worth mentioning that the solar station at the Ministry of Electricity has a capacity of 1 megawatts and the exploitation of the spaces in the parking spaces and the roofs of buildings in the ministry, and that the design and implementation was by Iraqi hands and considered this station is the first project in Iraq with high capacities.


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