The Iraqi Ministry of Commerce said today that a steamer loaded with Vietnamese rice arrived at the port of Umm Qasr on the southern coast of the country. Earlier, Iraqi trade contracted undeclared amounts of Vietnamese rice to account for ration cards for Iraqi citizens.
The director general of the General Grain Trade Company Naeem al-Makusi said in a statement received by the Iraqi economic center a copy of it, that the examination of two others in the area of ​​evidence, one loaded with American rice, and the other with US wheat also, according to a statement. Al-Mukassousi said that the two ships will be sent to the marine pier of the Iraqi Grain branch in Umm Qasr, to unload their cargo, after the completion of the checks and checks and the withdrawal of models. The Director General of the company, to complete the process of shipping and processing more than 6.22 thousand tons of American wheat, received by the port of Umm Qasr, and were transferred to the company’s sites to support and strengthen the provincial stocks of the strategic supply material. He pointed out that the quantities received in the company’s branch in Dhi Qar governorate will be unloaded in the silos of Nasiriyah, adding that 609 tons of the planned quantity of 2,000 tons have been received.


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