UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay said Tuesday that her organization is seeking to restore the archaeological sites destroyed by a mosque in the city of Mosul, stressing that it wants to revive what it called “the spirit of Mosul.”
“UNESCO, together with the restoration of archaeological and cultural sites, is working on the human dimension of reconstruction,” Azulai said in an interview with the Iraqi Economic Center. “We want to revive what I call” the spirit of Mosul. ” Iraq to launch and develop projects in the fields of cultural and educational. ”
She added that “the organization is working on organizing a conference before next summer, bringing together historians and intellectuals at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris,” calling on the international community to “participate in the International Conference of donors next fall, which will be held at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris.”
“UNESCO is working on a program to restore many monuments in the Arab countries, which have been affected by wars and destruction, especially in Iraq and Syria,” Azoulay said.


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