Diyala pledges to increase power supply


Diyala governor Muthanna al-Tamimi said that the coming hours will witness an increase in the electricity supply of the province and improve significantly after the stability of the Iranian line.

Tamimi added that the file of electric power linked to the Federal Electricity Ministry is responsible for increasing and reducing the hours of processing in any province, stressing at the same time that the local government agreed earlier this week with the Ministry of Electricity to increase the share of the province of electricity.

Al-Tamimi said that he met with Minister of Electricity Qasim Al-Fahdawi last week to discuss the issue of processing the province with electric power in addition to paying the dues of the Iranian-supplied Mirsad line to Diyala province.

He added that the minister of electricity promised to supply the province with 100 megawatts, in addition to its share, while noting that the towers to transfer energy to the province has been subjected to more than a terrorist act during the last period.

Al-Tamimi called on the federal government to intervene and find a way out to save Diyala because of the electricity crisis, especially after it caused the stop of water stations, stressing the need to continue communication with the federal government to reach appropriate solutions, especially in Ramadan

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