A new measure against Chinese imports in the United States


The US Commerce Department on Tuesday announced a new measure on Chinese imports, accusing the producers of the propane gas cylinders of dumping markets and receiving subsidies unfairly. According to AFP.
The dispute is the latest in a series of trade disputes Trump has raised with Beijing, the biggest of which is the possibility of charging 25 percent of Chinese goods worth $ 50 billion amid allegations that China is stealing US technology.

The skirmishes with the Asian giant, as well as the recent conflict with US allies such as Canada and the European Union, start a global trade war.

The latest complaint by US industrialists in the states of Ohio and Tennessee says that China is sinking the market and unfairly subsidizing the iron-ore storage barrels that reach the US market at a lower cost, creating unfair competition for US companies, two of which filed a complaint with the Ministry of Commerce American.

According to the complaint, China subsidizes production by between 55 and 109 percent through various programs, including taxes, grants and export credits, for $ 90 million of exports.

If the US Department of Commerce believes that China supports these products and markets them, it will impose countervailing duties to make prices equal to US competitors.

According to the complaint, Taiwan and Thailand are also working to sink the market with these cylinders at lower prices.

Last year, the United States imported $ 100 million worth of propane cylinders from the three countries combined, according to the US Department of Commerce.

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