Iran to increase non-oil exports to Iraq by 13%


The Iranian trade adviser in Baghdad, Nasser Bahzad, announced an increase in the export of non-oil goods to Iraq during the past three months by 13%.
In the last three months of this year (March 21, 2018), the volume of non-oil goods exported to Iraq reached three million and 750 thousand tons in the amount of one billion and 750 million dollars, an increase of 130 thousand tons of weight and 200 million dollars worth compared to the same year of the year Previous.
He said Iranian goods exported to Iraq included machinery, industrial equipment, medicines, medical equipment, food products, detergents, cosmetics, textile and building materials, various metals, fruit and ornamental plants, animal products, medicinal herbs, leather and metal products.
The volume of trade exchange between Iran and Iraq amounts to 13 billion and 200 million dollars annually.

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