The Iraqi government plans to link a city with a hanging train to central Baghdad


The General Company of Iraqi Railways held an expanded meeting to discuss the possibility of linking the city of Basmaya with a train hanging in central Baghdad in the presence of representatives from the province of Baghdad and the Secretariat.

“The technical details were discussed between the parties and the most important ways to ensure the success of the project by identifying the tracks from the city of Basmaya residential to the center of the city of Baghdad by a suspension train (tram) structure between the central carrots to fit the urban planning of modern cities “He said.

For his part, Director General of the National Investment Authority Fouad Mustafa reviewed the ways in which the study of the settlement of this vital project for investment and find appropriate solutions and legal agreements for this public line and the consent of the parties involved in determining the tracks of the railway in terms of designs and general concepts.

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