The director of the Directorate of Roads and Bridges of Anbar Mahdi Abdul Farhan, Sunday, the completion of the rehabilitation of Al-Mamoun floating bridge in the province, noting that the bridge was rehabilitated at a cost of one billion dinars.
Farhan said in an interview with the press that “the rehabilitation of the Mamoun Floating Bridge linking the Juweiba area in the Hamdiya area east of Ramadi has been completed with the efforts of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and supported by the Ministry of Electricity and the local Anbar government and the United Nations Undp organization.”
Farhan added that “the bridge was transferred to Shams Al-Hamam National Company where the cost of rehabilitation billion dinars and within a period of five months.”
The Al-Mamoun floating bridge east of Ramadi, was subjected to sabotage and bombing by “Daash” to cut the area of ​​Jweiba from the area of ​​Hamdiyah east of Ramadi.


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