An official source at the Ministry of Construction and Housing said on Saturday that the contract with Ulf Krupp, which has been delayed for administrative, technical and legal reasons, will be finalized this month, noting that the ministry has imposed on Ulf Krupp a set of conditions related to the type of executing company and the financial costs of revenues. “The agreement provides for the signing of a final contract with one of the branches of the giant company, Queens Lest, for the rehabilitation, implementation and management of the project,” the source said, adding that “the project will provide 2500 jobs for young people, and guarantees revenues to the Iraqi government by 60%.” The source added that “the contract will be concluded for 25 years, the company bears the maintenance and full maintenance,” pointing out that “the ministry imposed on Ulf Krupp set of conditions related to the type of executing company, and the financial costs of revenue.”He added that “the ministry has succeeded in subjecting the company to its conditions, notably reducing the costs imposed on vehicles, as it will be $ 169 for truckloads of goods, $ 78 for passenger trucks, and $ 13 for passenger cars saloon,” noting that “the implementation of the project will be four to six Months, provided the route is fully secured by the Iraqi security forces. “


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