The Ministry of Transport has directed the State Railways Company to operate its trains to transport the sports masses from Baghdad to Basra to follow the matches of the friendly friendship tournament held there.
The company’s general manager Eng. Salam Jabr said in a press statement that the company will run 3 modern trains starting one day before each game.
“We will start a train to restore the sports masses from Basra to Baghdad through the southern provinces after the match between the Syrian and Qatari teams at 11 o’clock on Saturday night.”
He pointed out that “there are three trains will begin on Monday 2018/3/26 from Baghdad Central Station towards the Basra train station as follows: the first train will depart at 7 pm, and the second at 8 pm, while the third train goes at 9 pm.
The price of travel tickets is 8 thousand dinars for the tourist seat second grade and 12 thousand dinars for the tourist seat first class while the price of a dream bed ticket first degree 30 thousand dinars, and a bed second degree 25,000 dinars.


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