Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi began a round of meetings with Japanese companies during his visit to Tokyo.
He arrived in Japan on a visit to Japan on a visit aimed at boosting bilateral cooperation in various fields, opening investment horizons for Japanese companies and attending the Tokyo conference on supporting job creation, vocational training and reducing the circulation of weapons in Iraqi society. According to his office.
Abadi began his round of meetings by meeting with Sumitomo Corporation President Kony Haru Nakamura and his delegation.
During the meeting, the company discussed several projects in Iraq, including the establishment of factories for the manufacture of cars inside Iraq and the provision of after-sales services, and these projects will provide employment opportunities for Iraqi citizens. According to a statement by the Office of Abadi.
Abadi also met with the delegation of Japan’s Foreign Trade Organization (JETRO), headed by its director Hiro Yuki Ishid.
The meeting discussed the entry of Japanese companies to work in Iraq and the implementation of projects in all fields. He stressed the presence of Japanese companies to invest in Iraq and its intention to visit Iraq soon to see these projects.
He added that the organization has the desire to expand its office in Iraq after the stability of the security situation, indicating that they will encourage their companies to work in Iraq, according to the statement.
While Abadi stressed the importance of cooperation with Japanese companies after the transition of Iraq to the stage of construction and reconstruction.
He added that there are Japanese companies in Iraq, including the company that works in the water of Basra and it is important that the work of Japanese companies that have great experience in many sectors continued.
Abadi also met with the chairman of Toyo Engineering Corporation, Hariu Nadamatsu, and his accompanying delegation.
And discussed with the company’s delegation the associated gas investment and find imports of the state instead of burning it.
Where the delegation expressed readiness to “big” to invest in the field of gas associated with the development of these projects and reduce the amount of waste associated gas.
Abadi met with President of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Hiro Cassiani and his accompanying delegation.
During the meeting, they discussed the provision of fixed and mobile power stations and construction mechanisms. Four 400 kV power stations will be provided in Maysan, Muthanna, Shatt al-Arab and Shatrah.
Twelve mobile stations (132 kV) will be provided, most of which will be operational before the summer of 2018 to increase electricity production in Iraq.
Abadi met with the chairman of Mitsubishi Hitachi Corporation.
The head of the company expressed his company’s readiness to support Iraq in the field of reconstruction and to carry out many projects in the country.
The meeting discussed the rehabilitation of the power plant in Al-Haritha in Basra and the possibility of expanding it to provide electricity to the people of Basra.
The company expressed its willingness to invest in the field of power generation, refineries and gas and harnessing the company’s capabilities to work in Iraq.


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