The Director of the Iraqi Trade Bank, Faisal Al-Hims, said on Monday that the service of Jamar launched by the bank includes discounts for customers of some airlines, hotels and restaurants.
Al-Humais said in a press statement that “the Iraqi Trade Bank is working constructively to support all that contributes to the construction of the Iraqi economy,” noting that “our new branch in the Mall of Babylon open from 10 am to 10 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm Back “.
“It has the advantage of overnight deposit that enables citizens to deposit and conduct banking operations over a period of 24 hours.”
He pointed out that “this branch is the second branch in the capital Baghdad provides Jamar service to complete banking operations without waiting and the preference of the customer by giving 0.5% on the interest rates for fixed deposits on the advertised prices.”
Al-Humais continued, “The Jamar card in which the customer gets discounts for some airlines, hotels and restaurants in the province of Basra and get two tickets for a quarter of theatrical performances and cinemas.”
He stressed that “the Iraqi Bank of Commerce owns 24 branches at the level of Iraq and provides various banking services to all customers,” noting that “we seek to strengthen banking services throughout Iraq, to ​​be an important turning point in the field of banking.
He pointed out that “the strategy of the Iraqi Trade Bank is moving towards increasing the size of its customers and expand its business and activity in the market and access to the outside world.”


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