Tribal elders and officials threatening to cut oil tanker lines in southern Iraq and a document warning of what they are asking


Tribal elders and local government officials in Basra have threatened to cut off oil pipelines to southern Iraq if their demand for a dam in Mina, Abu Floss, is not met.

The elders and government officials issued a statement threatening to cut oil pipelines in the field of Saybah in the event of failure to meet the demands for the construction of the Abu Flus dam in the waters of the Shatt al-Arab as well as the demand to establish a desalination plant for the judiciary.

For his part, Director of the Department of Shipyards and Marine Industries Muthanna Assad Nasser warned in a document of the construction of the dam and its effects on the movement of ships.

“If the dam is built, it will cause ships to be sent out of Iraq for maintenance, which will cost the state huge amounts of money,” Nasser said.

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