Governor of Baghdad Atwan al-Atwani, revealed on Wednesday, the next stage, which will be a great cooperation in the field of investment with the firm companies, stressing the seriousness of the government in the implementation of projects important service and pressure in the areas of the parties from the capital.
The governor of Baghdad, during a meeting with a delegation of Korean investment companies, according to a statement, “the importance of standing all institutions, especially the relevant parties to support investment projects, especially housing projects and infrastructure through attracting investment companies prudent,” stressing “provide all facilities for these companies.”
Al-Atwani said that “the next stage will be a great cooperation between the province and investment companies in the field of housing and service projects and infrastructure,” adding that “the government is serious in the implementation of all service projects, such as the Nahrawan and Abu Ghraib streams along with a series of projects Alksa such as Husseiniya project, A number of schools and hospitals. ”
The statement pointed out that “there are future meetings with the company after sending the designs to its headquarters in Korea for study in order to direct the implementation of projects.”


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