The Deputy Governor of Basra, Mohammad Taher al-Tamimi, on Thursday, with the Japanese Ambassador to Iraq Fumio Iwai issues of common interest, most notably loans allocated to the province of Basra and activating the previous agreement on the entry of Japanese companies to compete with other companies in the province.
Tamimi said in a statement that “the meeting with the Ambassador of Japan dealt with a number of issues of common interest, especially the work of Japanese companies in the province.”
He added that “Japan is a main supporter of Iraq through the loans provided to Basra for service projects, notably the draft water of Basra by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Municipalities and public works implemented from the Japanese loan, which is hoped to be completed by the end of this year,” noting that ” The local government is continuously following the completion of this project. ”
Tamimi explained that “he discussed with the ambassador the support provided by the Japanese government through the loan for the rehabilitation of one of the units of the Hartha thermal station, which was opened this day, as well as the subject of another loan for the rehabilitation of the second unit of the project station Hartha,” likely “to work directly In the coming days. ”
He pointed out that “the agreement was discussed between the Iraqi and Japanese governments on the Japanese loan allocated to Basra worth 270 million dollars to support water projects,” stressing the importance of employing Japanese expertise and benefiting from the implementation of projects and other vital sectors in the province by companies Japanese through the previous agreement, which entered the entry of Japanese companies and their work within the province of Basra on the grounds that the province of stable and security, the first in this area.


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