Billions of dollars are wasted in the oil fields through the burning of gas associated with oil in Missan, which has been limited, but the growing fields in the geographical patches discovered, make the problem with complex solutions, as a result of oil policies contribute to the waste and the decline of the natural gas sector in the southern provinces.
Chairman of the Energy Committee in the Council of Maysan Amer Nasrallah confirmed that “the projects carried out by the Ministry of Oil in the fields of Bizergan and Abu Gharq to reduce the burning of gas associated with oil is insufficient with the increase significantly to discover new oil wells in the province of Maysan.”
“In order to reduce the environmental bottlenecks in the fields of the fields and there is a need to establish other similar projects in the field of Halfaya and this savings in gas will provide additional quantities of production may reach 250 million standard cubic feet.”
“Natural gas is a wealth in any country because it is the pureest and least emission fuel, and it is an important source of energy that can meet the needs of the country in the diverse range of thermal, mechanical, electrical, transport, industrial, electricity and housing sectors,” he said.
He added that these resources can be invested in the completion of projects delayed or delayed due to austerity and financial crisis, rather than let it burn in the air by placing it within the plan to invest gas to increase, through the development and rehabilitation of crude oil production plants that contribute to reduce waste in burning associated gas.


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