Gazprom Petroleum, the chief executive of Gazprom Middle East, said on Thursday that Gazprom Petroleum currently estimates the recoverable oil reserves at the Iraqi Kurdistan complex at eight million tons, but is continuing to make further assessments.
We are currently drilling a second well, and we will receive new geological information and explain this figure, “Petrov said in an interview with Naftikombas magazine.
Petrov noted that it is very difficult to draw conclusions from the data of one well, but added that Gazprom Oil expects daily production, in 2017, from the field of Sergla at 7.631 thousand barrels per day. The company expects throughout the Garmian complex increased production, from 2019 to 2022, up to 1 million tons per year.
Petrov explained that the company is digitizing the gas reserves in the complex, which is necessary to assess the feasibility of building the gas infrastructure.


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