Russian Ambassador to Iraq Maxim Maximov said that new horizons have recently emerged for Russian companies to work in Iraq, primarily in the domestic gas sector.
In a press statement, Maximov said that recently opened new horizons for cooperation, and this is primarily related to the plans of the Iraqi government to develop the gas sector, “pointing to the interest of Russian companies to enter a number of projects in this sector.
The Russian ambassador said Russian leading companies such as Gazprom Oil and Lukoil are contributing significantly toِ the domestic oil sector, noting that “the total Russian investments in this field reaches 10 billion dollars,” pointing out that the companies “do not intend to stop At this point only, and is interested in strengthening cooperation with Iraq. ”
Maximov also expressed his hope that “a meeting of the Russian-Iraqi sub-committee will be held in Moscow soon” to discuss ways to activate joint work in the field of energy and gas in Iraq.


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