Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangana announced on Monday the launch of a gas pipeline to Basra with a capacity of 30 million cubic meters per day, until 20 March 2018.
“The process of exporting gas from Naft Shahr in western Iran to Baghdad has already started, and the pass-through energy will gradually reach 30 million cubic meters per day in the heat season,” Zankana said in an interview.
On the priorities of the gas sector between Zangana, the ministry aims to raise the volume of exports and increase production, as the priority is to complete the process of development of the South Pars field joint through the launch of 6 stages and the introduction of the public network this year and next year.
On the other hand announced that the priority of oil in the coming period, related to the conclusion of contracts according to the new model in order to attract investments necessary to develop joint fields and increase the extraction factor from reservoirs.
He pointed out that “the rate of extraction factor in the oil reservoirs is less than 30 percent currently, which is extracted 200 billion barrels out of about 700 billion barrels,” noting that “the priority development will be for the fields of oil,” Timor “and” Mansouri “and” Azadkan “and (Southwest) and the oil class of the South Pars field (shared with Qatar), Jankula and Ather (western Iran).


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