The Council of Ministers decided on Tuesday to settle the salaries of employees in government departments, while voted to include the teachers and teachers with real estate loans.
The Cabinet decided to form a committee from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Ministries of Finance and Education to proceed with the legislation of the proposed law on the protection of teachers and teachers in consultation with both the Finance Committee and the Education Committee on That there is no new financial consequences burdens the budget. ”
The Council stressed “the inclusion of teachers and teachers in real estate loans and advances in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force, and the emphasis on the Iraqi Teachers Association to play its role in providing economic, social and cultural services for teachers and teachers and to improve their level of health, culture and social and the implementation of the law of discipline of state employees and public sector No. (14) Concerning complaints against teachers and teachers “.
The statement continued, “The vote also took place on the payment of the cost of transporting the processed kerosene oil daily from the Ministry of Oil to the Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Finance to provide the amount of six billion dinars to the Ministry of Oil from the allocations of the emergency reserve for the fiscal year 2017, Tal Afar, Aynah and Rawa and the presenter and the preparations and actions taken on that, and vote on the amendment of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 124 of 2017 on the disbursement of subsidies.
The Cabinet voted, according to the statement, to the agreement to finance the project to stimulate smallholder agriculture between the Republic of Iraq and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.
“The council also voted to organize the process of settling salaries of employees in government departments,” the statement said.
The Cabinet reviewed the progress achieved in the visit of the committees formed last week to address the situation in the province of Basra, where the problems were resolved in six major investment projects and will resume work now. The committees were asked to investigate the reasons for the delay. In agreement with investors.
“The council also discussed the summer agricultural season by providing a detailed report on it,” he said.


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