The Kuwait Fund’s rapid development program allocated $ 100 million to build health centers in eight Iraqi governorates, at a time when the Ministry of Education opened the 23-year-old school from the allocations of the Kuwaiti grant.
“The Kuwaiti Development Fund is working to provide support to Iraq through the implementation of urgent projects to provide educational and health services for Iraqi citizens,” said Kuwaiti Ambassador Salim Ghassab on the sidelines of the opening of the school in Baghdad. He said 100 million dollars were allocated for the establishment of health centers in an emergency program prepared in coordination Between Kuwait and Iraq.
He added that “these clinics will be implemented in eight provinces, foremost of which are the most affected by the terrorist operations, as will be direct implementation after the bidding for the selection of companies and contractors competent, whether from Iraq or Kuwait, noting that these clinics will be equipped with health supplies and modern medical devices.
Ghassab said that “the next stage will witness the establishment of schools for the displaced displaced persons targeting the liberated provinces and the areas where displaced families are located because they were damaged and suffered because of criminal gangs, pointing out at the same time that the State of Kuwait is keen to deepen and closer bilateral relations with Iraq, For economic development has already been allocated earlier 440 million dollars for the implementation of service projects in coordination with four Iraqi ministries.


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