The Russian embassy in Iraq announced on Thursday the opening of an air link between Moscow and Baghdad, noting that the first flight will be on Sunday.
The embassy said in a statement that “the embassy welcomes the opening of the Moscow-Baghdad line by Iraqi Airways,” noting that “the first flight will be on Sunday.”
The Russian embassy expressed the hope that “this increases the prospects for economic and trade cooperation between Iraq and Russia.”
The Minister of Transport Kazem Cup pigeon, announced on July 31 last, close to the opening of an air line from Baghdad and Basra to Moscow and the rest of the Russian provinces and vice versa.
The Russian Embassy in Baghdad, on February 13, 2014, that Iraq and Russia are preparing to open a direct air line connecting Baghdad to Moscow, and noted that the Consulate issued a large number of tourist visas for those wishing to Iraqis to visit Russia.
Iraq is associated with historical relations with Russia dating back to the 1940s, when diplomatic relations were established between Iraq and the Soviet Union at the time, and Iraq later became one of the most important importers of Soviet military equipment, and developed these relations during the past years, especially in the field of investment in oil and electricity, Russian companies in licensing rounds to invest oil and gas in a number of Iraqi provinces.


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