The first shipment of black oil sent by the Ministry of Oil for the first time in five years, was announced on Tuesday by the director of the K3 refinery in al-Haklaniyah district of Anbar province Hassan Murhi al-Jughifi.
“The K3 refinery in al-Haqlaniyah district in Haditha district, west of Al-Anbar, received the first shipment of black oil containing 15 tanks to be operated for the first time in five years and Iraqi operational cadres without resorting to foreign expertise,” al-Jughifi said in an interview.
He added that “the Ministry of Oil supported all efforts to restore life to the refinery, which was affected by the military and terrorist operations, noting that” the security forces and in coordination with the oil police provided security protection of tanks to the area of ​​the field, “explaining that” the management of the refinery and in coordination with the local government In the district of Haditha made a great effort with the Ministry of Oil to obtain the substance of black oil in preparation for the refining operations to meet the need of the judiciary and western areas of Anbar liberated from oil derivatives.


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