The federal government has issued new measures to support and stimulate the country’s investment and reconstruction sector.
The spokesman for the government, Saad al-Hadithi, said in a statement that he is aware of the need to support and revitalize the investment and reconstruction sector because of its importance in the rehabilitation of infrastructure and provide and develop services to citizens and achieve sustainable economic development and the advancement of various sectors of the Iraqi economy and provide jobs and stimulate the economic cycle “Noting that” the Council of Ministers approved the functions and mechanisms of the work of the Supreme Committee for Investment and Reconstruction, which the Council has already formed to take up the fundamental and strategic issues related to investment promotion and drawing plans for major reconstruction projects and Follow up and remove obstacles “.
He added that “the committee, which was formed under the chairmanship of Haidar al-Abadi, the Prime Minister and includes ministers of finance, planning, housing, industry and minerals, the director of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, the Governor of the Central Bank and the Chairman of the Investment Authority will follow up the strategic projects and infrastructure projects, Mineral and petrochemical industries, dam projects, reservoirs and irrigation. ”
He added that the committee will continue to analyze and study the obstacles facing the investment process in order to remove them and has the authority to instruct the National Investment Authority to grant investment licenses once the requirements and legal conditions of the projects before the committee are met and supervision of the allocation of land for strategic projects and directing the one window to obtain approvals and complete the procedures from The relevant authorities and the adoption of a period of time for completion, and directing the security authorities concerned to remove the excesses from the land intended for investment and to refer the parties involved in corruption to the judiciary and provide security protection Investment projects. ”
He pointed out that “the committee also directed the issuance of the necessary decisions to establish infrastructure and delivery of services to the land allocated for investment, and follow-up implementation of projects by entrusting the sectoral bodies responsible for the investment project to allocate employees working with the investor until the completion of the investment project, as well as facilitate customs procedures and Which is associated with the implementation of projects, and review the functions of a single window and enable it to do its role for which it was established. “


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