Baghdad Governor Atwan al-Atwani announced on Thursday that he had obtained Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s approval for the implementation of nine projects from Group 16 presented by his government as a work plan within 2017 projects.
Al-Atwani said in a press statement that these projects are “human beings for the people of the capital being one of the most important strategic projects and if completed, will end the service crisis in the outskirts of the capital.”
He explained that “the most prominent of these projects are (the draft rivers Nahrawan), (the project of the side of the bridge and completion of the sewer project), (draft sewer and cover Husseiniya and Abi Gharib and Taji seven wells), in addition to (the expanse of the province of Mahmudiyah).
Atawani added that he referred the Prime Minister’s approval to the Minister of Planning after a meeting with the Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili for approval to be implemented during this year.
He pointed out that the minister sent the Prime Minister’s letter to the technical agent and promised to complete the final approvals during the next week.


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