“Svein Dzei,” a spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Saturday, denied reports that the Turkish government stopped imports of the sale of oil in the Kurdistan Region, pointing out that buyers are paying money to the region directly, and reassuring citizens of the region that the money was not stopped in any way .
Turkish newspaper “Gunesh” published Saturday that Ankara is taking successive steps to impose sanctions on the Kurdistan Region, pointing out that it decided to deal with the Iraqi government only.
According to the newspaper, Ankara has stopped sending money to sell oil from the Kurdistan region to Erbil.
In this regard, a spokesman for the provincial government, Sven Dzai in a press statement seen by Shafak News, the revenue from the sale of Kurdistan oil received from companies that go to oil and then reach the amounts to the region.
Dzii said the money was not being sent from Turkey to the region for a long time until it stopped it today, adding that the buyers were handing over the money to the provincial government directly.
Dzei said he assured the citizens of the region that the revenues from the sale of oil in the region have not been stopped in any way, indicating that the news that spoke about this matter is incorrect.


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