On 29 April 2018, the non-resident Iraqi ambassador to Belarus, Haidar Mansour Hadi al-Athari, announced that the Republic of Belarus had donated hundreds of books to the libraries of the city of Mosul, which ISIS had burned.
“The Republic of Belarus has donated hundreds of books to libraries in the city of Mosul,” said the al-Athari in a statement, followed by the Iraqi Economic Center. “Coordination will be carried out with the competent authorities to transfer books to Iraq.”
“This step comes after ISIS has set fire to several scientific libraries in the city of Mosul during its control, in addition to the destruction of monuments and archaeological sites there,” he added.
During the period of its control of the city of Mosul before it was liberated by the joint security forces late last year, the Da’ash organization burned and destroyed most of the city’s cultural monuments, especially libraries.


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