Oil Minister Jabbar al-Allaibi said that Iraq is burning about 55% of the accompanying gas, while investing about 45% of it only, stressing that the ministry has plans to stop the burning of associated gas by 2020 in stages.
Al-Allaibi said that Iraq has a reserve estimated at 132 trillion cubic feet of gas, and since about 70% of Iraqi gas is a gas associated with the extraction of oil, nearly 700 million cubic feet of it was burning and wasted because of the lack of infrastructure to address.
The experts put in place solutions to this waste of natural gas, including the development of an effective contractual and regulatory framework by the end of 2017 to increase investments in infrastructure for the collection, processing and transportation of natural gas, and increase the capacity of the Ministry of Oil to supply the market with natural gas of commercial quality to meet generation needs Which will lead to an additional volume of processed gas by 629 million standard cubic feet per day in 2018, above the baseline of 671 million cubic feet, installed in 2015.


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