The Director General of the National Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) Falah Al Ameri, said that Sumo has accurate mechanisms in the export of Iraqi oil, and is export after the approval of the Minister of Oil.
Al-Ameri told a news conference held at the headquarters of the company Sumo that “there is an internal system of the company is set by a law voted on,” Oil is not exported only with the approval of the Iraqi oil minister, “pointing out that the marketing company is not allowed to enter another company without reference to the company’s board of directors , As oil companies are exposed to the relevant committees in the Ministry of Oil and these committees amendments and then ratified to be submitted to the Minister of Oil.
He pointed out that “Sumo is studying all the companies that apply for the export of oil and within the precise standards and study the possibilities and secrecy of those companies, and therefore all the offers from companies within international standards,” noting that “the company is involved in sophisticated programs, including Reuters programs to analyze the market at every moment, pointing out that pricing Iraqi oil in safe hands. “


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