The Agricultural Committee of the Diyala Provincial Council announced on Wednesday the approval of the agricultural plan for the coming winter season, a drop of 275 thousand dunums from the previous season because of the limited water available.
“The Higher Agricultural Committee in Diyala, headed by Diyala Governor Muthanna al-Tamimi, held today an expanded meeting with the Department of Diyala agriculture and water resources and representatives of the relevant departments to discuss the file of the next agricultural plan.”
Jubouri added that “the approval of the winter plan for the current agricultural season 2017 - 2018, as approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and the total area of ​​305390 dunums, 277,914 acres of wheat, 26020 acres of barley and 1456 acres of vegetable crops.”
He explained that “this area has been approved by the Standing Committee of the joint ministries of agriculture and water resources,” noting that “the plan was approved 275 thousand acres of the plan for the previous season, which amounted to 580375 dunums because of the limited water available to irrigate agricultural crops of various kinds as a result Lack of rainfall and lack of water revenues. ”
Last season’s plan for the province of Diyala amounted to 580375 dunums of wheat crop, and its reduction for the current season was based on the latest water situation and water shortage in the governorate due to lack of rainfall and lack of water revenues.


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